I’ve not yet taken down my MFC profile and I’m still getting some messages on there from some of you. 

Some ask where I’ve went, some ask if they’re ever going to get a private show that they may have won when I was attempting to boost moral in my chat room. 
I’m here to tell you that no, you’re not ever going to get it. I’m not wasting my time camming anymore. 

99% of my MFC people have taken advantage of my kindness and have just become a huge disappointment to me. 

This link will explain exactly why and the fact that I didn’t even write it yet it still points out the exact problem I was having is sad and you all should be ashamed.

The last 10 times I’ve gotten all done up and spent precious time preparing games or raffles or whatever, I click “Broadcast Your Webcam” and you guys don’t even talk MUCH LESS TIP! 

So no, I’m not coming back. 

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I don’t know if any of you noticed but I’ve been on a hiatus from camming lately. Battling depression is harder when you have to put on a happy face so I decided to just take some time to put myself back together. I am hoping to be back on cam and see you all that know me from there very soon.
This post is something that I’ve wanted to share for a bit.
When you (or at least I) battle depression I find it hard to get out of bed or take a shower or even eat.
That being said, my weight has dropped down to about 93lbs average where I should be 105lbs (if I’m lucky). Eating is something that I’ve been forcing myself to do everyday.
But I reached out to my soon-to-be ex-husband (who should rightfully hate me after what I put him through) and he knows my problem with keeping weight on and how much harder it is when I am sick like I am.
He did something that actually brightened my spirit. He bought me a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato and a lot of mayo (just like I like it) along with an apple juice. He had me meet him at the park and he sat there while I ate all that I could.

He went out of his way to make sure that he knew I ate something in the last 24hrs.
He should hate me but instead he made sure I ate and made me feel like I was cared for.

If you have a friend that’s depressed, take a note or two from his book. It could save a life or at the very least make that person feel like there’s still good people in the world that care.

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I found this gem!

ALL SEX WORKERS SHOULD VISIT (and maybe even link) this site! Sex work activists, allies, and you.

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He’s the reason I haven’t updated in a while. My Trojan.

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Three Videos For Sale!

The most recent video is of me in the shower.
Getting it on with my favorite dildo.
Because I can.

All three vids for one big MFC tip of 420tks
Or 150tks per video.

Send your email address with the tip so I can send it/them to you.

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Hello, Ass…


You use to be so magnificent. What went wrong?

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I’m Almost 20!

Two decades is a lot to me. In less than two weeks I’ll no longer be a teenager!
This is a big milestone for me and I rarely celebrate birthdays.
My wishlist is on this page if you want to be sweet to me and get me a little birthday gift. 😉

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10/9/12-10/13/12 Raffle!

You could win:

First Place:

  1. Nude self-portrait of me by me
  2. A pair of my dirty panties
  3. 15 minute Skype show
  4. My phone number

Offline entries – 9 tokens
Online entries – 13 tokens
No limit on entries!


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Yes, Please.

“I’m going to wait until you’re working one day and come in all dressed up… Smack the shit out of you… Fuck your brains out…”

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I’m Artsy



I drew myself while I was in Phoenix.

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